• Garage Door Repair Service In Vancouver

    Our scrupulous techniques, great equipment and expertise ensure the best garage door repair services in Vancouver. We know the peculiarities of different mechanisms, train systematically, offer 24 hour commercial and residential emergency repairs, and promise excellent service.

  • We're the premier Garage Door Repair Service in Greater Vancouver Area. We work 24/7.

  • Our number 1 goal is to make sure you are extremely satisfied with our work! We understand that without you, the customer our business won’t be able to survive. That’s exactly why we work so hard to satisfy each one of our loyal customers. We promise, you will be 100% happy working with us!

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  • Your garage system secures your car and other personal stuff and if attached to your main building or house, it also secures the content of your premises. Rest assured that Garage Door Replacement is our specialty. From the removal of the old door to the installation of the new one, the experienced workers of “Garage Door Repair Vancouver” have the knowhow to provide satisfaction to our customers on each and every occasion.

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  • Emergency Garage Door Repair Service In Vancouver BC
    Call Us Today: (604) 757-9347

  • Our Services

    • New Garage Door Installition
    • Garage Door Maintenance
    • Panel Replacement
    • Bent Rails & Off Tracks
    • Hardware & Parts
    • Garage Door Weather Seal Stripping
    • Garage Door Opener Repair
    • Garage Door Replacement
    • Garage Door Installations
    • Commercial Garage Doors Repair
    • Spring Repair And Replacement
    • Original Parts & Spares Of Garage Doors
    • And Many More...
  • Our Benefits

    • We tell you the exact cost before beginning any job
    • A quality & efficient service using only the best quality materials for all jobs
    • A quality of service you can rely on
  • Best Commercial And Residential Garage Door Repair Company in Vancouver

    Your garage door is not working properly and you are looking for garage door Repair Company in Vancouver, as your garage door requires immediate and quick action, with a very prompt response, our technicians will reach you and take care of your garage door problem, our technician will answer every query you may have from very basic to high level.

    With every repair and installation work our motive is to take care of complete satisfaction of our customer, as we love to see our customers happy so that they can give us change to take care of their home garage door repair work whenever required.

    We do not apply any sales trick on our customers and we take pride of this, as we know that every customer is different with different need and needs a very personalized care, due to this approach, many consider us as one of the best garage door repair company in Vancouver.

    Our extreme focus on customer satisfaction, expertise and politeness of technicians is not the only reason because of which you should choose us, because we also offer best quality products, which includes smallest part required in smooth function of garage door to the complete door itself.

    Performing a thorough checkup and repair for your garage is not a simple task, therefore our technicians follow a very detailed 21-point Garage Door inspection. Once the inspection is done, our technician provides you with a complete status of your garage in terms of current condition of garage door parts and suggests the things which require immediate attention.

    As we have over 24 years of experience in the garage door repair industry, we know what quality products should be offered to our customer to keep their garage doors running smoothly for longer period. Along with the garage door repair and installation, we also do replacement and repair of other integral parts like, Broken Springs Repair (tuning and replacement), Garage door opener (repair or replacement of parts), Garage door rollers (Replacement of worn rollers or hinges) etc.

    Unlike many other companies in Vancouver, we do believe in "do the job right, the first time" approach, as we understand the value of time and money our customers, we offer well-tailored mix of cost and quality which meets the need of every individual customer.

    The outstanding testimonials of customers backs us with huge support and give you the reason to choose as your garage door repair service provider in Vancouver.

  • Service call

    8:30 am - 7 pm 95$+tax 

    7 pm - 8:30 am 250$+tax


    In case of cancellation 7 pm you will be charged for service call.

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